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Cheerleading Tips By Taylor

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Your Q&A

Q.  Can I make it over a girl who can tumble at cheerleading try-outs?
A.  You most certainly can. Being able to tumble is not the most important thing in cheerleading. Show off your other skills as best you can. Wow the judges with smiles and pep instead. Show you may not be able to out-tumble them but you can out-cheer them. Hence the cheer in cheerleader. Also you never know if they will even do their tumbling at try-outs. Not everyone will. There always is a possibility to fall and they know it. Do the best you can and be happy with it. Whether you made it or not.

Q.  The dance for try-outs will be really hard this year. I'm afraid I can't catch on fast enough. What do I do now to prepare and while I'm there?
A.  First to prepare yourself try doing memory and learning games. Things that make your mind sharp. Then while there don't worry about learning the whole thing at once. Take it move by move. A count by count. This will help to put it together into one dance. Also practice it every moment you have. Not just there but at home as well.
Also ask if you can make a copy of the music for yourself to take home. If you can do so immediately to help yourself practice more at home.

Q.  How can I get a toe touch fast?
A.  First you're going to want to stretch out all your muscles. Being limber will help you to move easier and not injure anything thus only hurting not helping you. Then practice them while holding on to something. Being able to have support will help you get the feel down and let you learn how to sit into it. Then once you have your height right try it on your own. You should be vastly improved. Do this with all your jumps.

Q. I have a bit of a stomach. I know I have a great body underneath all this fat;  just can't seem to find it. What are some things I can do to get rid of it?
A. Crunches are one. Try them to the side and front. Try varying your leg positions as well. Try eating healthy. Put down the pop and junk and go for some fruit instead. Don't starve yourself ever, but when you do eat, eat right. Pike or toe touch jumps are also good as well. They work out your abs really good. Leg lifts are a great idea too. Whether you are laying down, in a straddle or standing up.

Q. I have tried out before but did not make it? I'm scared of getting let down again. I don't know what I would do if I don't make it again.
A. First of all don't worry so much. Many people tryout a few times before they ever make it on a squad. It took me 3 times to try before I ever made. And look at where I got.

Q. When I yell my voice cracks badly. What am I doing wrong?
A. You're using your throat to yell. Not your diaphragm. This is a common error. It is also why people lose their voice in cheering. You want to yell from deep in your ribcage. You should expand your chest and while inhaling, and use the air to yell your words. This should feel a lot better, and sound better as well.

I need pictures!! Jumps, stunts, motions, hair, makeup, flexibility, everything. I would like to incorporate more photos or real people, and real cheerleaders on my site. I would like close ups of hand positions in stunts, stunts in various phases, all stunts, pyramids, jumps in various phases, all jumps, all motions, any shots showing off your flexibility, your hairstyles, and your makeup. Anything you send in can be used, and help someone out big time!!
Just email me the pictures you would like us to use, and see your name and picture featured right here on this website.
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