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Cheerleading Tips By Taylor

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  So you want to be the best cheerleader you can be right? Well being the best includes having those sharp, clean, executed motions. Anyone can move an arm here or there, but what makes the best the best is their strong skill of motions. Think of the last cheerleading competition you saw on TV. Did it look like the girls were swimming the backstroke? NO. So why would you want to look any different? To truly look like the pros look you need to do one simple thing. Practice them correctly. In the mirror, in the shower, in your head, and believe me it will all pay off. Practicing these motions correctly will help to make these motions second nature instead of feeling like you're doing your homework. At any competition, whether it is try-outs or nationals, you will see on the score sheet something to do with your motions. You're always judged on this. So work at it and take the time to do it. It's truly worth it in the long run. Trust me.
  Now first things first. What are the proper placements? Where do this arm and your hands go? There are a few very simple rules to follow to have the proper placement. Learn them and you're one step closer to being a better cheerleader.
   TIP: Stand in front of a mirror or videotape yourself. Sometimes we don't know what we look like doing a motion. Seeing yourself always helps. You could also have someone else watch you and have them help you out. Do the motions that are in your routines then incorporate new ones.

Body Placement
  1. Posture- It's important to have good body posture when cheering. Whether it be standing, stunting, or in the middle of a cheer your posture will give the effect of smooth clean lines.
  2. Head- Always look up, and out at the crowd. Never stare at the ground.
  3. Stance- When standing at attention your legs should be together with arms straight at your side in blades or behind your back resting on the small of your back in blades. When not at attention, Parade Rest, your legs should be shoulder with apart with you arms again resting behind your back in blades.
Arm Placement
  1. Never bend or drop your wrists. They should always be level and make a straight line with you arm in any motion you're doing. Think of it as having a stick tied to your forearm. Keep your wrists flat.
  2. Do not over extend your arms. You should always have sight of your arms at all times in your motions. Whether in a T motion or High V. This is so from all views of you (From behind, side, or front) everyone can see the motion you are doing. All eyes are on you even if your eyes aren't on them.
  3. When making a fist never tuck your thumb under your other fingers. Always put it on top of the rest of your fingers. Not doing this could result in breaking your thumb.   
  4. Wrist direction- When making a motion you never want to show the crowd the underside or back of your forearm. You only want to show the front of your forearm.  (Exceptions: High X, daggers, and touchdown.)
  5. Be sure to have proper arm levels. A T should be straight across. A Baby T should be straight across as well.


  1. Each move you do is considered a motion. Every clap, jump, and stunt. Keep everyone of them tight, fast and under control.
  2. Avoid swinging you arms. Remember what I said about the backstroke. It's unnecessary and looks sloppy.
  3. Use your muscles when doing motions. It will help to keep them looking sharp.




High V

Baby T

Left V

Left K

Right L

Left Diagonal

Bow and Arrow


Low Touchdown

Low V


Number One

Right K

Right L

      Motions Not Pictured.
   Remember for every motion there is an opposite motion. For every left, there is a right, and  for every high, there is a low. Keep this in mind.
Clap- A clap using blades.
Clasp- A clap wrapping hands around each other.
High Clasp- A clasp with arms above the head.
Low Clasp- A clasp with arms straight down.
X- Arms in daggers position only crossed over each other in front of chest.
High X- Arms above head like a touchdown only crossing each other.
Low X- Arms in a low touchdown only crossing each other.
9- One arm facing straight forward. Other arm bent at a 90-degree angle. Fist touches elbow of the straight arm.
Muscleman- Arms in a T motion only with bent elbows bent so forearms are now vertical. Fists face inward toward your head and are in fists.
Buckets- Both arms straight out parallel to ground with fists facing down.
Candlesticks- Both arms parallel to the ground straight out with fists facing each other.
Basket- Arms in a touchdown motion only in blades not fists.
Cross Bucket/Front X- Arms in a buckets position only crossed over each other.

I need pictures!! Jumps, stunts, motions, hair, makeup, flexibility, everything. I would like to incorporate more photos or real people, and real cheerleaders on my site. I would like close ups of hand positions in stunts, stunts in various phases, all stunts, pyramids, jumps in various phases, all jumps, all motions, any shots showing off your flexibility, your hairstyles, and your makeup. Anything you send in can be used, and help someone out big time!!
Just email me the pictures you would like us to use, and see your name and picture featured right here on this website.
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