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Cheerleading Tips By Taylor

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Beauty Report

Ever want some new ways to do your hair on game day? What to do about your skin breakouts and how to prevent them. Practice reeking havoc on your nails? How much is too much make-up? Here are remedies to everything you want to know from skin to hair to your body. Prevention and Cover-up.

   The first step in skin care is getting your skin tamed around you schedule, not you around your skins. No matter what your skin type you should wash your face at least 2 times a day, in the morning and before you go to bed with a mild cleanser or soap. Never scrub your face raw thinking it will help. It'll only hurt you more with post scrub problems.  Now depending on what type of skin you have will determine what products you use.
Combination- Because you have combination skin it only makes sense to treat the 2 parts differently.  Use the regimes for the dry skin and oily skin both.
Dry- Try not to use drying products like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, and acetone. Don't use a heavy moisturizer.  It'll only clog your pores. Sometimes a vaporizer in your bedroom will even help.
Oily- Never try to scrub off the oil. It'll only lead to breakouts. And try not to use heavy products. Petroleum jelly, cocoa butter, and mineral oil included. If you must use a moisturizer make sure it's an oil-free one.
Acne- Scrubbing acne won't help either. It's a problem inside your skin not on your face. You need to treat it on the inside. Try using products with salicylic acid in them. They help to unclog your pores. They come in many kinds of treatments including lotion, cleanser, and soap. Also try using overnight acne masks. Many companies carry them. You just put them on clean skin before bed and they fight all night long. Some even have patches specifically made to put on zits only. If you already have a zit the best thing to do would be to leave it alone. Live by this rule if any. Never pick at them. No matter how tempting. You're only shoving down more than you're getting out. Keep putting a vanishing cream on it and at night use an overnight mask. 
  You skin should see changes in as little as three weeks. Problem skin is a life long thing and you can thank your parents for that one, but following a daily schedule and cleaning will help your skin to behave most of the time. If none of these rituals work for you try going to see a dermatologist. He may prescribe something for you to take like Retin-A.                       

How to score some wavy curls.
  Towel dry hair.
  Twist small sections of hair around fingers and secure with a safety pin at the root.
  Leave in until dry then take our pins. Try using a blow dryer to go faster.
  Rub hair between fingers to add volume and loosen the waves.
  Keep rubbing for even more or a messy do.
  The do a light spritz of hair spray.
Also-- Try adding a side part, doing the curls at the end of a ponytail, or even in a half ponytail. Ribbons, and cute barrets always look good too.
Already have curly hair?
  Always add smoothing serum to tame fly aways.
  Don't forget to use some kind of a styling product. With nothing on it curly hair will frizz and split. Be sure to use something specifically for curly hair.
How to score straight hair.
  Smooth on a straightening serum/ balm to damp hair to remove frizz.
  Then separate hair into sections and using a brush to grab the hair blow dry it with the nozzle facing down. Go slowly and go all the way to the ends of your hair. Repeat on all sections.
  Then take a straightening iron, and again, in sections work from root to end.
  Try products specifically made for straightening hair.
Already have straight hair?
  Always add volume to straight hair to keep it from going limp. Spray on a volumizing spray to your roots when damp and blow dry upside down.
  Don't ever consider skimping on styling products. Straight hair will look disheveled left to it's own devices.
Quick Fixes
Staticky Hair Start by shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If they happen during the day rub styling cream on strands. You can also spritz your hairbrush with hairspray and then run it thru your hair. Try keeping a dryer sheet with you to rub thru your hair too.
Fast Volume Bend over at the waist and massage scalp all over for a minute. Flip back over and ta da.
Need a Trim Put shine serum at the ends of you hair. It'll be less noticeable if at all.
No time for a shower, and you have greasy hair Grab some baby powder and rub it thru your hands, then lightly rub your fingers thru your roots. Be careful not to use to much, just a bit will do just fine.
Cool Hair Ideas
   Put a twist on the normal game day ponytail by adding twists to it. Try braiding a few tiny pieces. Another day try curling it with different size curling irons. Even crimp a section here and there if you want to. Try covering the elastic with a section of your own hair wrapped around it. Try wrapping your ribbons down your ponytail crisscross style and trying them at the bottom. You could also try a half ponytail with colored pieces of your hair. Just make sure the colored pieces are subtle and your school colors. Ask before doing this as well.

There's a very straight line between what is, and what is not acceptable to wear. Here are some simple do's and do not's. Follow them, and you'll be the prettiest belle at the ball.
Go for soft hues and colors on your face.
Wear foundation to hide blotchiness, and uneven skin.
Wear mascara.
Wear lip-gloss, a nude shaded lipstick, or Chap Stick.
Add bronzer to highlight cheeks.
Wear a nude or pale eyeshadow swept lightly over eyelid.
Do Not
Do the smoky eyes thing. With any color. It looks to harsh on cheerleaders.
Wear any deep lipstick shapes like cherry reds, or deep reds.
Wear any flashy or dramatic colored eyeshadow.
Wear glitter. Whether on eyes, cheeks, body, or lips. Ever.
Paint color on your cheekbones. Soft is better, clown is not.
Wear concealer, foundation, and powder all at once.
Wear colored mascara of any kind.

I need pictures!! Jumps, stunts, motions, hair, makeup, flexibility, everything. I would like to incorporate more photos or real people, and real cheerleaders on my site. I would like close ups of hand positions in stunts, stunts in various phases, all stunts, pyramids, jumps in various phases, all jumps, all motions, any shots showing off your flexibility, your hairstyles, and your makeup. Anything you send in can be used, and help someone out big time!!
Just email me the pictures you would like us to use, and see your name and picture featured right here on this website.
That's a zero, not the letter O at the end.

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