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Cheerleading Tips By Taylor

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      Stretching your muscles to be able to get your splits takes time. Depending on how naturally flexible you are this could take a while, or no time at all. However how you stretch, and when you do it the key. The more times you stretch obviously the more stretched you will be, however you must keep one rule in mind when doing this: Never ever push your body to the point that you're in pain or severe discomfort. This is not natural, nor will it even help you get anywhere. All it will do is hurt you and stop any progress you had made up until that point. Please keep this in mind when doing any stretching.
      So what is the proper way to stretch? You should push yourself to the point of feeling your muscles stretching, tighten, and pull. Then stop. Stretch the muscle out until it feels looser and then move it a little more so. You should be able to stretch it just a little more. You may have to begin from the same point each time you stretch. This is normal, and most common. This is your "starting point" for stretching. Begin in this spot each time you start to stretch. Little by little, and before you know it you will be where you want to be.
      How often should I stretch? Stretching several times a day would be the most helpful; about 4 times a day is good. Space the times you do evenly throughout the day. Remember to start at your "starting point" each time you do. You don't have to devote these times to just stretching, do them while watching TV, studying, or reading your favorite magazine. Before bed and when you wake up in the morning are good times as well.
Want to get those splits? Here are some stretches to do.
Start standing up, and cross one foot over the other. Bend down as far as you can keeping your legs straight. Try to touch your palms to the floor. Hold for 1 minute at a time.
While standing pick up one of your legs so your knee is facing down, and the foot is near your butt. Grab your foot with your hand and pull it back, keeping your foot near your rear. Hold for 30 seconds. This will stretch out your quads.
Stand facing a wall, and lift one foot up and rest it on the wall. Try to get as much of your foot on the wall. Put both hands on the wall, and use them to push yourself towards the wall. Hold for 1 minute. This will stretch out your calves.
Start by kneeling on both your knees, and take a huge lunge forward with one foot, and push yourself forward. You should feel your hips, quads, and hamstring stretching all at once. Don't put your hands down on the floor, but rather on your lunging knee, and keep your back straight. Hold for 1 minute at a time.
Sit in a pike position on the floor and reach forward. Keep your legs straight and together, and try grabbing the heels of your feet or toes. Hold for 1 minute.
Do butterflies and when leaning forward hold that position for 5 minutes at a time. Use your elbows to push your knees further to the ground, and then pull your feet towards you little by little.
Sit in a straddle position whenever possible and stretch. To the right, left, and forward. Hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. Repeat, and then move a little forward to stretch more.
Sit like you would in a straddle position, but take one foot and bend it so it's near your rear. Think of a herkie, only sitting down. Stretch like you would in a straddle. Hold for 30 seconds.
Do your splits and hold that position for 2 minutes at a time. Little by little go down farther. Never to the point of pain, but just till you feel your muscles stretching.

I need pictures!! Jumps, stunts, motions, hair, makeup, flexibility, everything. I would like to incorporate more photos or real people, and real cheerleaders on my site. I would like close ups of hand positions in stunts, stunts in various phases, all stunts, pyramids, jumps in various phases, all jumps, all motions, any shots showing off your flexibility, your hairstyles, and your makeup. Anything you send in can be used, and help someone out big time!!
Just email me the pictures you would like us to use, and see your name and picture featured right here on this website.
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